RADCARE Inc. was started in 1996 under the name Community and Aged Care Package Services. RADCARE Inc. is a Not-For-Profit service, providing benefits for frail aged people who wish to remain in their own home.

We currently provide services in the Tableland Regional Council and surrounding shires.

RADCARE Inc. provides assistance in the way of home help, personal care, emotional support, gardening, and transport when required. Our team consists of a Manager, Case Managers, Admin/Finance Officers, and Home Care Support Workers. All staff are highly trained personnel, and this ensures the best possible care for our clients. We pride ourselves on having harmony within the unit and feel this is an integral part of the service.

Vision & Values

RADCARE recognises and embraces the diversity of the Australian community. We strive for an inclusive approach in our work with individuals, value diversity, unity and tolerance and respect the dignity of each person.

Our Services are catered to the individual needs of each client taking into consideration their background, cultural and religious beliefs, language, socio economic situation, sexuality and personal preferences

RADCARE is committed to achieving the best possible services for all our clients.

Organizational Structure

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Quality Management

Quality care and service standards are paramount at RADCARE.

All our staff are highly qualified and RADCARE has a Training and Education program that is aimed at developing, enhancing and maintaining a professional standard of knowledge, skills, competencies for all staff to better deliver the needs of our clients.

We support and value our staff and volunteers so that can provide quality services to our clients to enhance their lives

RADCARE is committed to continuous improvement through regular evaluation of organisational structures, processes, service delivery and consideration of feedback

RADCARE is subject to regulation by the Department of Human Services, the Aged Care Act and Principles, the Home Care Package Guidelines and other specific bodies for issues including Work Health and Safety and Privacy and Confidentiality

We are accredited under the Aged Care Standards Agency and this is updated every 3 years to maintain accreditation.