Consumer Directed Care

What is Consumer Directed Care?

Consumer Directed Care is a new way of delivering Home Care Packages and offers clients more choice and flexibility. Clients make the decisions on what services they need to help them stay at home focusing on client goals, wellness and re-enablement. Clients decide when they would like the services and who they wish to provide them. With CDC clients will be allocated a budget for their home care package, which consists of the funds the government has allocated, coupled with the and client’s own co-contribution. Its purpose is to assist the client to stay at home as long as possible, provided safety and legal requirements are met,

RADCARE holds the funds on the client’s behalf and works with the client to co-ordinate services the client would like.

At the end of each month clients receive an itemised statement that will show the funds available in the budget, how the funds were spent during the month, and the balance left over to rollover to the following month.

For more information on how to access a Home Care Package see the My Aged Care booklet ‘Your Guide to Home Care Packages’